KICKSTART is here to  empower  the most  ambitious  students to build user obsessed companies.

Everyone can be a founder

We've been taught to think critically and find problems to explore. We try to build things with friends and scavanged hacks. And rarely do we ever succeed.


That's not on us.


We lack the conditions to succeed -

co-founders are hard to find, role models are sparse, execution is poor. The campus startup culture in London is simply broken.

We are here to empower students

Equip students with the environment to find co-founders, knowledge on how to build good companies, and skills to navigate the startup landscape. 


The journey starts with Team Formation Week - bringing exceptional people together to form teams with strong founder-idea fit.


Through regular workshops working with industry experts, the teams explore the important how-to's, iterate quickly and move fast.




is providing body-positive events & subscription boxes

Kickstart Collective

Kickstart Collective is an online community for student entrepreneurs in the UK where you can learn entrepreneurial best practices, find a co-founder and access peer-to-peer mentorship.

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